Great New Animated Video Explains the Terrible Economics of Meat Production in 3 Minutes

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

We love this new video – and it’s a great way to share this important issue with anyone who needs to know:

  1. John T. Maher says:

    One might say that capitalism began with theft from animals and is predicted upon a model of total extraction at immense social cost to the environment, humans health and taxes, and animal suffering. Some of these items are not abstracted as “cost” or “value” and so are excluded. We need a comprehensive accounting.

    This vid is pretty good at explaining in an accessible manner how the current system is unfair under its own terms. A sequel is needed changing the terms to include all that is not assigned a value. Thanks for posting.

  2. Andrea Gipson says:

    Mandatory 1 week working in a slaughterhouse

  3. Shari Welsh says:

    Don’t forget to add the total cost of running the USDA as it is being run by the meat/dairy men. Also the costs of Alzheimers, dementias, obesity, diabetes, long term care, contamination by Mad Cow/ BSE Diseased prions in our environment, blood supply, of plants, water, wildlife and many more costs.

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